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Design e-Booklet #1: Accessories, Automne 2012

Image of Design e-Booklet #1: Accessories, Automne 2012


This e-booklet contains 5 designs, some of my most popular: (1) Enveloped Cowl; (2) Le Bouquet stole; (3) Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer; (4) Slouching Towards Tassels cap; and (5) the Piaf Scarf.

NOTE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: This is NOT an automatically downloaded file. After purchase, I will either (a) send you the e-booklet via Ravelry gift if you provide your Ravelry ID or (b) if not a Ravelry user, I will manually send you an e-booklet link to the email address provided in the sales information. Please allow up to 24 hours from payment for receipt of the electronic file. Thank you!